Become a friend

Become a friend

Become a Friend of  Ciconia Consort

Friends are important to our orchestra. It is very motivating for our orchestra members to know that they are supported by a solid core of supporters, who not only like to come to the concerts, but also donate a financial contribution. Friends also often act as a ambassador for Ciconia throughout the country. We are happy to give something back for your support and involvement. For example, every year we invite you to the presentation of the new season program and we keep you involved in developments in the orchestra.

You can choose from three Friendship categories:

1. Friend

You are already a friend of Ciconia Consort for € 40 per year.*
Your benefits:

  • You will be the first to be informed of all our activities
  • You regularly receive a newsletter
  • Every year you will receive an invitation to the presentation of our new seasonal brochure

2. Good Friend

In addition to the benefits enjoyed by a Friend, as a Good friend you are invited once a year to attend a rehearsal of the orchestra and you receive a CD from the Ciconia Consort. You can become a good friend for € 70 per year.*

3. Bosom Friend

In addition to the benefits enjoyed by a Good friend, once a year as a Bosom friend you can bring two guests to one of our concerts free of charge. Bosom friend you are for € 100 per year.*

* You will receive a discount for two people living at the same address.
You are Friends together for € 75
You are a Good Friends together for € 100
Together you are Bosom Friends for € 150

Sign up as a new friend using the form below or ask for more information via

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Not required for residents living in the Netherlands
Not required for a Dutch bank account
You hereby authorize Stichting Ciconia Consort to send a direct debit order to your bank once a year to debit the above amount from your account to account number IBAN: NL46 RABO 0312 2201 11 in the name of Stichting Ciconia Consort.
If you do not agree with this debit, you can have it reversed. Please contact your bank within eight weeks after debit. Ask your bank for the conditions.

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