Rheingold – CD

Rheingold – CD

With mezzo-soprano Karin Strobos

“The whole history of Europe lies in this river” Victor Hugo, Le Rhin
In the nineteenth century, the Rhine was the source of inspiration for numerous romantic and fairytale-like musical works. Carl Reinecke, Richard Wagner and Max Bruch also wrote compositions about the Rhine, each in their own romantic style, and in general had a great affinity with the high romanticism of fairy tales, sagas, knightly stories, folk music and (Rhine) mythology; supposedly the musical equivalent of the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm, Hans Christiaan Andersen or the medieval Nibelungenlied. The title of the CD has been chosen as a tribute to the composer whose life’s work, Der Ring des Nibelungen, is dedicated to the gold of the Rhine.

The CD contains the following works:
Carl Reinecke  – ‘Serenade for String Orchestra’ in G minor, opus 242 (1898)
Richard Wagner  – ‘Wesendonck Lieder’ (1857)
Max Bruch  – ‘Concerto for String Orchestra’ (octet) in B-flat (1920)
Friedrich Silcher  – ‘That Loreley’

How can you order the CD?
The CD is available for only €10 (shipping costs within NL €4.50).
You can order the CD by sending an email to info@ciconiaconsort.nl
Clearly state your name and address in the e-mail (delivery address).
At Ciconia Consort concerts you can buy the CD at the friends desk.

The Hague Central (Herman Rosenberg): “Wagner is the highlight of the CD, with his highly romantic ‘Wesendonck Lieder’. […] Ciconia and Strobos make it an experience under the leadership of Dick van Gasteren. We suffer along with Richard and Mathilde on the shores of Lake Zurich.” Read the whole review…

Music & Theater (Reinmar Wagner): [Die Streicherserenade von Carl Reinecke] ist wirklich absolut hinreissend, gerade, wenn es klanglich so delikat und im Gestus mitreissed spielt wird wie hier vom Ciconia Consort.” Read the whole review…

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